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Gourmet farm to table cycling event series featuring aid stations on local farms. Inspired by the Italian gran fondo bicycle ride.

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Farm to Fork Fondo Terminology

Tyler Wren

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By Official Ambassador Alison Daniel

Cycling, country roads, and delicious food are a perfect combination – I’m already dreaming about riding in the summer on my Marinoni bike and eating fresh cherries in the sunshine!

While I was daydreaming, I started to think of common words you might hear while visiting a farm or while eating a meal, but that have completely different meanings in the context of cycling:

  1. Animal n. – A fast or strong rider, not a literal animal that you would see roaming a farm like a goat or a chicken.
  2. Bucket n. – A helmet worn for safety on the bike, not a container with a handle used to carry water.
  3. Bibs n. – Suspenders that are like overalls, except on cycling shorts to keep them from falling down while riding.
  4. Bridge v. – To catch up to a rider that is in front of you, not a structure over water.
  5. Bunny hop n. or v. – Jumping with the bike, not related to rabbits hopping around on a farm.
  6. Cooked, cracked, or fried a. – To be so exhausted from riding that you have run out of energy, not like a hamburger, egg, or chicken, respectively.
  7. Deep dish a. – Aerodynamic wheels of a road bicycle, not like Chicago-style pizza.
  8. Flat n. – A tire puncture, not like a field of corn.
  9. Fork n. – A part of a bicycle connects to the front wheel, not a utensil for consuming food.
  10. Hammer v. – To ride as fast as you can, not a tool used for hitting a nail into wood.
  11. Lid n. – Also a helmet, not the top of a jar of pickled vegetables.
  12. Saddle n. – A bike seat, not a seat you put on a horse for riding on the ranch.
  13. Splinter v. – When a group of riders separate, not a pesky fragment from a piece of wood.
  14. Steed n. – A bicycle, not a horse.
  15. Stem n. – A component that connects the handlebars of the bicycle, not a part of a flower in the garden.

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