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Gourmet farm to table cycling event series featuring aid stations on local farms. Inspired by the Italian gran fondo bicycle ride.

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The Copenhagen Wheel

Rachael Balinski


I went for a walk last night with my husband and standard poodle. We often tour the neighborhood on foot, talking about the day behind us and peeling back the covers on tomorrow; investing time in making our lives beautiful. In a little cul-de-sac, down the street from our home, barbecue filled the air, and, for the first time since early winter, people were enjoying time outside. At one of the homes, two mothers were talking by the roadway as two small boys played a game. These tiny people repeatedly picked up their skateboards and ran to the top of the driveway. They sat on the skateboard deck and coasted down the slight incline into the garage, over and over and over, and I tried to remember when I had that much energy.

Energy to sled down the hills of winter and hike back up, never calculating the trade-off of a ten minute hike for a two minute ride.  Energy to ride my bike nine miles at twelve years old to swim for six hours in the summer sun and ride home once again. Energy to go to school all day, return home and bike to the indoor pool at our apartment complex to swim for hours before being dragged out, soaking wet for dinner.

I celebrate my birthday this April, and every year, I search for this youthful energy. I inventory my life, asking if I am healthier, happier, wiser, faster, better.  I leverage choices to harness my dreams for the coming year. And annually, I find reasons to ride my bike more, which supports all of my intentions, creating the hope of a healthier, happier, wiser, faster and better new year.  But this one annual goal has only recently been at the top of my list.


I have two children, five years apart, who are the very best of me in every way.  And although they both cycle, they are, I am astonished to say, relatively new to it. We lived in Massachusetts for many of their early years, on roads that were too dangerous to ride.  Local bike paths were just emerging from old rail beds, which brought the added work of strapping bikes onto the car and heading off. My bike, parked in the garage, waited for those rare instances when I was alone in order to ride on the town’s limited trail network and secondary roadways. We moved about on foot and by car and then we moved to New Hampshire.


In time and over the state line, we began to use the bicycle as a mode of transportation and recreation.  We leveraged our choice of two wheels for jobs, trips to the Farmer’s Market, shopping at the food Co-op and picking up our CSA share. We took leisurely trips around the lake and enjoyed the Farm to Fork Fondo Ride in Vermont. We rode further and longer and stronger, using the bicycle as a fulcrum to improve our annual inventory of life. And we’ve loved the beautiful journey.

If, on your birthday this year, you wanted more of that youthful energy, look to the bicycle and leverage two wheels to better harness your dreams. It may be the key to having the healthiest, happiest, wisest, fastest and best year yet. And it may start with a free Copenhagen wheel!


The Copenhagen wheel turns your ordinary bike into a hybridized e-bike! The wheel stores energy as you pedal and brake, boosting your ride when you need it. This amazing opportunity maximizes energy, pairing it with brilliant technology.  It is a perfect tool to expand your cycling goals. Here’s what you need to do to be entered to win the wheel:

  1. Sign up for one of the brilliantly curated Farm to Fork Fondo Rides.
  2. Use the promo code “bellecycle” to save 10%.

  3. Live in New Hampshire.

  4. Add a comment on the bellecycle Facebook post about how the Farm to Fork Fondo ride and Copenhagen wheel will transform your year.

  5. Tag a friend and share the love.

  6. Commit to being the healthiest, happiest, wisest, fastest and best you yet.

The winner will be chosen on June 11th on National Making Life Beautiful Day.  Good luck and ride strong.



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