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Gourmet farm to table cycling event series featuring aid stations on local farms. Inspired by the Italian gran fondo bicycle ride.

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Power Meters & Polka Chicken Jerseys up for Grabs at the Stages Segment Challenge

Ben Demars

We’re partnering with Stages Cycling to enhance this year’s Segment Challenge at the Farm to Fork Fondo series! The Stages Segment Challenge features course segments of higher difficulty where riders can use Ride With GPS to test their abilities. “Achieving goals highlights the benefit of our products,” said Matt Pacocha, Global Marketing Director of Stages Cycling, “and that’s why we’re a proud sponsor of the Farm to Fork Fondo Segment Challenge.”  While the Farm to Fork Fondo isn’t a race, the Stages Segment Challenge gives the event a competitive edge for cyclists who wish to participate.  

How it works

Registered Farm to Fork Fondo participants RSVP for the challenge on the Ride With GPS Farm to Fork Fondo event pages. During the event, riders use Ride With GPS to record their times. Cyclists who want to participate in the challenge give it their all over segments marked by the Stages Segment Challenge signs. The times are then ranked into six categories based on age and gender to see which riders were fastest. The male and female cyclists with the fastest times win the coveted Farm to Fork Fondo polka chicken jersey by Pactimo. Additionally, one participant of the Stages Segment Challenge at each event will be picked at random to win a Stages Cycling Power meter worth $800!

    We’re also collaborating with Stages Cycling to publish training plans and educational content  that you can use to bring your training to the next level. The tips and plans are written by Power Education Specialist Benjamin Sharp, who helped develop endurance programs for USA Cycling. Whether you’re eyeing the polka chicken jersey or just looking to improve your personal record,  these training plans and tips can be used by anyone looking to improve. Training plans will be e-mailed to registered Farm to Fork Fondo participants 6 weeks in advance of each 2017 event. 

    What's a power meter? 

    A cycling power meter is a training aid on a bicycle that measures the power output of the rider in watts. Learn more about enhancing your game and training with power from Stages Cycling on our Training Tips Blog.

    Sign up

    To take part in the Stages Segment Challenge, register for any of the six Farm to Fork Fondo events and then visit our Stages Segment Challenge Page to RSVP and learn more. And keep an eye out for the training tips throughout the year!

    2017 Jersey and Artist's Signature Merchandise Collection Revealed

    Tyler Wren

    We've teamed up with world-class artist Samantha Baker to develop a signature design to commemorate your 2017 Farm to Fork Fondo experience. 

    We've adapted Sam's beautiful illustration to a collection of merchandise that includes: the stylish t-shirt included in your registration; the official 2017 Farm to Fork Fondo kit (jersey and shorts); handmade enamel mugs for your morning coffee; and a high-quality water bottle for your daily ride. 

    Browse the collection and learn more about Sam the artist below. 

    2017 Commemorative Farm to Fork Fondo jersey

    By Pactimo USA

    The Pactimo Century LX jersey is the perfect choice for a great day in the saddle. The jersey combines Pactimo's stretchy and wicking GFX technical fabric with a soft silicone waist gripper, full-length zipper, 3 rear pockets, and a fourth, zippered security pocket for your phone, I.D. or cash. The relaxed cut is the ideal choice for those who want a roomy, comfortable fit in a traditional jersey style.  

    2017 Participant T-Shirt

    Printed locally by Sawyer Screen Printing

    An entry to any Fondo distance this summer will earn you a brand new stylish Farm to Fork Fondo t-shirt. 100% cotton fine jersey shirts by Next Level, carefully printed by our talented friends at Sawyer's Screen Printing in Delmar, NY. Fitted size options include unisex crew neck and women's scoop neck.

    Cycling Shorts

    By Pactimo USA

    The Pactimo Continental Shorts and Bib Shorts have been designed with comfort and functionality in mind. The shorts include a high-performance, sport-level chamois from Italian-manufacturer TMF, super-durable and elastic Averting Lycra, and the bib shorts include stretchy mesh uppers. New for 2017, the shorts include MARC compression leg bangs and contoured seaming for enhanced performance comfort.

    Handmade Enamel Mug

    By Emalco Enamelware Company

    These mugs are handmade in Poland by Emalco, a small family-owned business that specializes in impeccably-designed high-quality enamelware. Our custom design is applied and then fired by oven baking. This process preserves the ware literally for ages. Emalco uses a combination of age old artisan methods of production and have improved upon this with their own innovative techniques unique to the enameling industry. They do not accept compromises when it comes to the quality of their final product. Emalco's goal is to promote, through creative and unique design, beautiful products which preserve the old Polish heritage of enameling, which was once a thriving industry in Poland.

    Each mug comes with the Emalco standard user guide for care instructions.

    Purist water bottle

    Made in the USA by Specialized

    This 26oz water bottle is made in California by Specialized and features their exclusive Purist technology that shields the bottle from any bad taste, mold or staining. As pure as drinking from a glass, but with all the advantages of a flexible bottle. Nothing sticks, so your bottle stays clean and your water tastes pure.

    About the Artist

    A native Philadelphian turned Brooklynite, Samantha is known for her detailed illustrations and journal work published most recently in Buzzfeed, Instagram, and Instagram for Business. After attending The Cooper Union School of Art, Samantha spent her first few years out of college traveling Europe, and working at design firm Dinnick & Howells. Samantha then returned to New York in 1998, where she worked as an Art Director at Gerngross & Co. In 2002, Samantha opened Celandine, Inc. with partner Sanderson-Hutfilz. While leading creative for the company, she built an impressive roster of national and local clients including: The Whitney, St. Regis, Dior and more. After 9 successful years of business, both women decided to focus on their personal work and enjoy more time with their families. 

    When not in the studio or wishing she could eat as much ice cream as her kids do, Samantha is experiencing the eccentric glory of New York where she draws most of her inspiration for her daily sketchjournal.

    See more of her work on her website.

    Enhanced Professional Course Support at all 2017 Events

    Tyler Wren

    The new Wrenegade Sports support truck will be on course at all 2017 events. Photo credit Danielle Rose Hazelton

    We're excited to announce enhancements to our Farm to Fork Fondo on-course mechanical support for all 2017 events. Each event will have a fleet of professional mechanics on the roads with you to help support your goals and make sure you have an awesome day. This level of support normally reserved for the pros at major international events will be at every Farm to Fork Fondo in 2017. 

    We strive to provide a supportive environment to make our participants of all abilities feel safe challenging themselves at our Farm to Fork Fondo events. You can be assured that if you run into any mechanical trouble or mishaps, we'll have a friendly professional mechanic at your beck and call to help get your day back on track. 

    The Silca van will be on course at all 2017 events

    Our 2017 course support is made possible with underwriting from Silca, La Bicicletta, Duvine, L.L. Bean and Ritchey, and additional support from Velofix, Fit WerxGreat Bike Tours, Stan's NoTubes, and local bike shop partners including Joe Fix Its, The Bike Rack, Lancaster Velo, Intercourse Bike Works, and The Spoke.  

    Our 2017 Farm to Fork Fondo series includes events in Hudson Valley, Finger Lakes, Vermont, Pennsylvania Dutch, Maine and Berkshires. 

    2017 Series

    Course support at all 2017 events is made possible by underwriting from Silca, makers of world-class bicycle floor pumps and other accessories. 

    Hudson Valley - June 11

    Course support made possible with additional underwriting from DuVine and support from Fit Werx, Velofix and Joe Fix Its. 

    Finger Lakes - June 25

    Course support made possible with additional underwriting from La Bicicletta and support from Stan's NoTubes, Velofix and The Bike Rack.

    Vermont - July 16

    Course Support made possible with additional underwriting from La Bicicletta and support from Great Bike Tours, Fit Werx and Velofix. 

    Pennsylvania Dutch - July 29

    Course support made possible with additional underwriting from Ritchey and support from Velofix, Fit Werx, Interourse Bike Works and Lancaster Velo. 


    Maine - August 27

    Course support made possible with additional underwriting from L.L. Bean and support from Velofix.


    Berkshires - September 24

    Course support made possible with additional underwriting from Rithcey and support from Velofix, Fit Werx and The Spoke. 

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