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Gourmet farm to table cycling event series featuring aid stations on local farms. Inspired by the Italian gran fondo bicycle ride.

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Meet the 2017 Event Crew

Tyler Wren

We've assembled a fantastic group of fun and enthusiastic crew members to produce your awesome experiences at this year's Farm to Fork Fondo events. We all share your passion for healthy living and can't wait to help you experience our beautiful 6 event locations this summer. Get to know the faces you'll be seeing before, during, and after your ride. 

Tyler Wren

Wrenegade Sports founder
Farm to Fork Fondo Event Director

Nicknames: Wrenegade, T, T-Wren,
El Garrafa
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Current town: Burlington, VT

“Bite off more than you can chew, then keep chewing.”

I spent 13 years of my life as a professional cyclist, being outside, eating healthy and exploring beautiful roads on my bike throughout the world. I founded Wrenegade Sports in 2014 to share my passion for cycling and healthy living with a wider audience and to empower athletes to achieve personal goals and live healthier lives.

I am very excited about this year’s Farm to Fork Fondo series. We’ve been expanding steadily since our first Farm to Fork Fondo event in 2015 and the new locations in Finger Lakes and Berkshires are particularly exciting to me because we get to engage a whole new set of rural communities and farm families with our mission of bringing the cycling and farming worlds together. I’m also really excited to be on the road with the fantastic Wrenegade Sports event crew we’ve assembled for this year’s events and help them all progress in their personal journeys. I couldn’t do this alone and I am very grateful for the input and hard work from them all!

What I ride: I have about 12 bikes in my garage and I love them all! Especially my new beautiful celeste Bianchi Oltre road bike. Also have a Jamis 29’r mountain bike and a Jamis carbon cyclocross bike, among others.

Hobbies/Interests: Thinking about our mission statement, overcoming obstacles, fresh food, backing big trailers, carpentry projects, riding bicycles and motorcycles, CrossFit

Jim Beebe-Woodard

Operations and Course Manager

Nicknames: Jimmy, Skip, JB-Dubs
Hometown: South Windsor, CT
Current town: Underhill, VT

“Measure twice, cut once.”

 I’ve been working in myriad roles in and around non-profit organizations, natural/sustainable food ventures, and the cycling industry for the past 25 years. I was drawn to the Farm to Fork Fondo series because I love its fusion of cycling, farming, food, and positive community contribution. For me, it is a perfect (and fun) way to be a part of meaningful mission-driven events that are also things about which I am already passionate.

Healthy living is important to me because I intend to remain fit and active well into old age, free from pharmaceutical meds, playing in the great outdoors until my last breath. I stay healthy by eating an organic, natural, vegetarian diet and by getting physical activity of some sort every day. I have a consistent yoga practice (I’m also a yoga teacher) and I am working to integrate a meditation and mindfulness practice into my daily living.

I’m looking forward to all the Farm to Fork Fondo events, but I’m especially excited about the Finger Lakes because it’s a new event in a region I love, and the riding is going to be spectacular.

What I ride: Road: Cannondale Synapse; Trek 470 Fast Track; vintage Peugeot Iseran with Shimano 600 components. Trail: Specialized Hardrock. Snow: Burton Supermodel 155; Atomic AT XC skis.

Hobbies/Interests: being outside, cycling, hiking, paddling, XC skiing, snowboarding, yoga, gardening, sustainable ag, woodworking, craft beer, growing hops, keeping my old Saab convertible going

JT Glover

Venue Manager

Nicknames: James, Trevor
Hometown: Richmond VA
Current town: Burlington, VT

“It will be fine.”

I grew up in Richmond, Virginia and moved to Vermont for college. I have been attending the University of Vermont for four years, and I will be finishing up a degree in Accounting and Entrepreneurship, and a second degree in Economics at the end of this fall semester. Before I came to Wrenegade Sports, I worked as a counselor at a climbing and kayaking camp for seven years. In addition I was a staff member of the Outdoor Discovery School at L.L. Bean. This is my second year with Wrenegade Sports, and I am excited to be taking on the Venue Manager position.

I have always had a passion for all things outdoors. Growing up I regularly attended Boy Scouts and I have spent more than 100 nights in a tent. My Dad taught me how to mountain bike on the Richmond Trail System. However, Richmond is not located close to any mountains, prompting my choice to study at UVM. Mountain biking and hiking take up my summers, while skiing occupies my winters. Recently I have also started stand up paddle boarding which I highly recommend!

Since moving out of the nest, I’ve also realized how much I enjoy cooking, and how much of a difference fresh local ingredients can make in a dish. My favorite dish so far is either a vinegar based pulled pork shoulder slow roasted for seven hours in a Dutch oven, or a Cajun shrimp jambalaya.

What I ride: Specialized Stumpjumper,  downhill and backcountry skis

Hobbies/Interests: cycling, hiking, paddle boarding, skiing, mountains

Emma Weatherhogg

Senior event production Crew

Nicknames: Em, Edub, Egg
Hometown: Middletown Springs, VT
Current town: Burlington, VT

“Eat well, travel often.”

I recently finished my junior year of college at the University of Vermont, majoring in Communication, Sciences, and Disorders with a minor in Environmental Studies. I play on the Women’s Club Ultimate Frisbee Team and strive to always be outdoors doing something fun! The first summer the Farm to Fork Fondo series launched, I helped as a volunteer with the Vermont Food Bank in Rutland but was promoted to the event production crew the following year. I love that you are able to see what local farms are producing from your own bike seat.

Food is what nurtures and sustains our bodies. It is important to know where the food on your plate is coming from — that way you build and support relationships with your local farmers. My family and I decided to switch to a whole foods plant-based diet because of the environmental and health benefits about four years ago. I stay healthy by being physically active all the time, hiking mountains, and eating natural/organic vegan food(and the occasional Ben & Jerry’s ice cream if it’s free).

I’m looking forward to the entire Farm to Fork Fondo events, but especially excited about Vermont because of the beautiful scenery, my family and friends volunteering, and the local food.

What I ride: A classic mountain bike – Iron horse ARS 68.

Hobbies/Interests: ultimate frisbee, hiking, food, laughing, yoga, music, Citizen Cider, being outside, wine, kayaking, biking, snowshoeing/sledding, sports

Audrey Hemlepp

Social Media & event production intern

Hometown: Newburyport, MA
Current town: Burlington, VT

"There isn't a way things should be. There's just what happens, and what we do." —Terry Pratchett

I am rising junior at Champlain College with a major in Marketing and a minor in Digital Marketing. I was instantly intrigued after seeing the cover art for Farm to Fork Fondo. My Dad spends almost every morning cycling while my Mom is a constant inspiration to live a healthy life. After hearing that Wrenegade Sports was the combination of the two, I knew I would feel at home with the team.

Being healthy is important to me because we only have one body and I think it is important to respect it. I love being healthy because it makes me feel good mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, as well as physically. I love bike riding, yoga, and running on trails through the woods to heighten my energy. Healthy eating makes me feel like the best version of myself and it encourages my healthy lifestyle because I have the energy to do the things I love.

I am most excited for Farm to Fork Fondo – Maine because of the beautiful views, and the delicious lobster!

What I ride: Trek 850 Mountain Bike   

Hobbies/Interests: I really enjoy traveling because I believe experiencing different cultures can make you grow as an individual. I also enjoy yoga and hiking with friends.

Ben Demars

Digital Marketing & Event Production Intern

Hometown: Morrisville, VT
Current town: Burlington, VT

“Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.” —George Carlin

I’m a senior Public Relations major at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. I was drawn to the Farm to Fork Fondo series because it seemed like the perfect mix of study and play. I get hands on experience in my field of study while spending time outdoors and surrounded by delicious food — what could be better? I’m excited to spend my summer with the Farm to Fork Fondo series and to eat my way through the Northeast.

Growing up outside of Stowe, VT, I had a neverending supply of activities that let me enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s was hiking, biking, kayaking, snowboarding, or swimming, the outdoors were always calling. Since starting college, I’ve maintained that active lifestyle as a way to relieve stress. A mix of hiking, biking, and yoga help keep me focused and ready to learn.

I don’t have a specific Fondo I’m most excited for — I’m just really excited to try the wide variety of local food. I’m always on the lookout for recipes I can recreate at home so I’m eager to see what our farmers have in store.

What I ride: I nicknamed my 1981 Univega Specialissima “Birdy”

Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, biking, swimming, reading, live music

Danielle Hazelton

Creative Media Development Intern

Nicknames: Danny, Haze, Rose
Hometown: Dorset, VT
Current town: Burlington, VT

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.” —Robert McAfee Brown

As a current Filmmaking student at Champlain College, I have grown up with a love and passion for art, people, and storytelling. I found cinema to be the perfect medium to integrate all three of those things into a career that I am continuing to build every day. The Farm to Fork Fondo series’ history, mission, and people were what really drew me in. To be able to help tell the stories of the company, the people behind it, and the community the events create is a fantastic and fun opportunity.

Healthy living is important to me because (as cheesy as it sounds) you only live once and treating your body well while you’re doing that is an easy answer for me. I eat a vegan diet, buy from local farmers markets, and eat organic as often as I can. I accent that by going to the gym every day, rock climbing, hiking, and co-teaching Zumba classes at my college.

I am looking forward to all of the Farm to Fork Fondo events but I’m most excited about the Finger Lakes region because of the incredible beauty of the area. I grew up hiking and exploring the region with my Dad, so I’m excited to be returning!

What I Ride: Road: Outdoor: 250cc Honda Rebel. Indoor: occasionally a unicycle or a dolly on set

Hobbies/Interests: writing music, going to concerts, hiking, Zumba, watching films, cooking & baking, photography, working on my car, riding my motorcycle

Alex Troche

Event Production Crew

Hometown: Danbury, CT
Current town: Burlington, VT

“If you want something you've never had you must be willing to do something you've never done."
—Thomas Jefferson

 I am going into my junior year as a mechanical engineering student at the University of Vermont. When I’m not busy with classes I love to help out at the UVM Bike Co-op, or enjoy a bike ride when the weather permits. I was drawn to the Farm to Fork Fondo because of the way it combines my love for eating fresh, locally grown food, and riding bikes. It’s the perfect way for me to earn some money over the summer while doing something I truly enjoy.

To me, healthy living means eating a low or no meat diet, consciously exercising, and using a muscle-powered means of transportation when possible. Not only does healthy living help me feel good on a day-to-day basis, it also ensures that I will be able to continue staying active long into my life. Helping to reduce my carbon footprint is just the cherry on top!

What I ride: 2010 Giant Reign XO (mountain), 1988 Mangusta 1000 (road), K2 Shredditor (ski), Rome Artifact (board)

Hobbies/Interests: just about any sport involving wheels (cycling, inline skating, skateboarding) or snow (freestyle skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing). I also enjoy woodworking, trail building, kayaking and I am just starting to get into indoor climbing!  

Alison Wilder

Event Production Crew

Nicknames: Ali, Al
Hometown: Hamilton, MA
Current town: Burlington, VT

 “If you rest, you rust.”

 Before joining the Farm to Fork Fondo team, I worked as a camp counselor for three summers. I’ve also worked for MOJO Cold-Brew Coffee since I was 15. I get pretty committed to the jobs I do, and that’s why I chose Farm to Fork Fondo. I really support the message the events send by combining cycling and farming communities to enable cyclists to see where their food is coming from and for farmers to see people enjoying their products.

I have been a pescatarian for six years and have recently focused more on where my food comes from. I like knowing what I am eating and how it got here. Healthy living is important to me because the best parts of life are spent being active and experiencing something outdoors. Whether it’s going for a beautiful hike with friends, swimming in the ocean, or even just having a peaceful run by myself through the woods, these are the times that I am happiest. I played a lot of team sports in high school so I love how being active brings people together. This is why I love hiking with my friends and family now. My most common form of physical activity is running. My favorite spots to run are in the trails through the woods near my house and along the beach.

I’m most excited for Farm to Fork Fondo – Maine. One of the featured farms is the last active Shaker community, which I had never heard about before.

What I ride: Not an avid cyclist but I do use my beautiful yard sale find (a $5 Schwinn 12-speed World Sport road bike) to get around Burlington, Burton Snowboard

Hobbies/Interests: hiking, running, snowboarding, camping, anything outdoors, cooking, eating

Rory Sykes

Event Production Crew

Hometown: Canandaigua, NY
Current town: Burlington, VT

“Those on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.”

I have been pursuing a degree in chemistry for the past few years, and am finally entering my senior year. I am passionate about being outdoors and have been working in the outdoor industry for almost 10 years. When I heard about the areas that the Farm to Fork Fondo series would bring me to I knew it was the right job for me. The most appealing part about the Farm to Fork Fondo series for me are its event locations. I grew up on a farm and spent most of my life in the western New York countryside and I am really looking forward to seeing other rural areas around the Northeast.

Healthy living is important to me because it allows me to maintain the active lifestyle I’ve come to love. I stay healthy by going on a few runs or hikes each week and in the wintertime I am an avid backcountry skier.

I’m looking forward to all the events in the Farm to Fork Fondo series, but I am most excited about the Finger Lakes event because I grew up there. I hope I will be able to lend some of my local knowledge to ensure it goes smoothly.

What I ride: Snow: Dynafit Dhaulagiris with Dynafit Radical ST 2.0 bindings, Rossignol S7s with Dynafit Speed Radical bindings.

Hobbies/Interests: hiking, backcountry skiing, chemistry, painting, photography, camping, swimming, running, and reading.


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