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Gourmet farm to table cycling event series featuring aid stations on local farms. Inspired by the Italian gran fondo bicycle ride.

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Meet the 2018 Farm to Fork Fondo Official Ambassadors

Tyler Wren

In February, we launched our Farm to Fork Fondo Ambassador Program and had over 100 applications from everyday athletes passionate about sharing their fitness journey and inspiring others to be healthy. From all those touching stories and applications, we hand-picked nine Official Ambassadors from throughout our Farm to Fork Fondo regions to promote this year's events, share their fitness journeys, and engage others in conversations in person and online around healthy eating and exercise. 

You can follow our Ambassadors on the our Ambassador Blog, and interact with them at Farm to Fork Fondo events and other events near you throughout the year!

Courtenay 'Coco' Brinkerhoff

Alexandria, Virginia

Coco in her own words:   "I am a native of Alexandria, Virginia, married to my high school sweetheart (who also happens to be an awesome bike mechanic), and usually empty-nester (my daughter lives in Colorado and my son lives in South Carolina). I started cycling about six years ago, when my son went off to college. My husband thought cycling would be a fun activity we could do together, and got me the bike that I still enjoy riding today. While I was reluctant at first, I have come to love cycling. I love spending time outside, I enjoy exploring the countryside on our longer rides, and I like the challenge of conquering my fears and climbing up those hills!  

"I wanted to be a Farm to Fork Fondo Ambassador because I have loved my experiences doing Farm to Fork Fondo--Pennsylvania Dutch and support the mission of bringing together cyclists and farmers and supporting farmland preservation. Farm to Fork Fondo--Pennsylvania Dutch was my first organized group ride, and my first time riding on roads instead bike paths. I had a great experience and want to encourage others to participate. If you are a beginner, you will see that the events really are open to everyone, and will be amazed at how supportive and encouraging other riders are. If you are an experienced rider, you will enjoy the unique combination of a relaxed atmosphere and challenging course. Riders of all levels will enjoy the gorgeous scenery, visiting farms and meeting local farmers, and indulging in the great food at the farm rest stops and post-ride feasts."

Follow Coco on her blog Running with Perseverance or on Instagram.

To support Coco, use Ambassador code 'COCO2018' for 10% off at our Farm to Fork Fondo Registration Page.

Tiffany Manion

Keene, New Hampshire

Tiffany Mannion is the Bicycle Mayor of Keene, New Hampshire and the first Bicycle Mayor in the United States. She is a LAB Certified Cycling Instructor and a passionate two-wheeled commuter and explorer. In the world of bicycle blogs and social media, she is perhaps better known as bellecycle. She has ridden over 5800 miles since 2016 in eight different countries.  Tiffany presented as part of the Mayor’s Innovation Project in Washington, DC early in 2018 and contributed to the National Bike Summit with a poster panel presentation.  She has been featured in Rails to Trails Magazine, was an Ibex Advocate in the spring of 2017. She is an avid lover of Gazelle bikes and a Po Campo Ambassador.  

Her passion for two wheels is matched only by her passion for taste.  With four CSA shares, she celebrates local, sustainable, and wholesome food at home.  Traveling is her opportunity to indulge in a broader palate and sample her way through the culture of place.  She rides. She eats. She loves. 

Follow Tiffany online at or and on Instagram.

To support Tiffany, use Ambassador code 'BELLECYCLE' for 10% off at our Farm to Fork Fondo Registration Page.

Mike Walsh

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mike in his own words:   "I'm a Manufacturer's Sales Representative for Wood-Mode Custom Cabinetry living in Philadelphia, PA. I've been cycling all of my life but got into amateur road racing in 2008 and realized I loved riding way more than racing in 2012 after getting my Cat 3 upgrade. Riding had always been about getting outside, challenging myself, seeing the world at a different speed, and spending time with friends. It still is those things to me and more.

"My brother, CJ, and I started a charity, Team I Hate Cancer in 2010 that raises money and awareness for local cancer causes in the Philadelphia area. We've raised over $350,000 since then and we created our eponymous cycling team in 2014 as another way to spread our message. We heard about the Farm to Fork Fondo series through its founder Tyler Wren who is an alum of our same high school. Tyler and I have ridden together before, unfortunately when he was at the top of his game, and I was towards the bottom of mine, and four of our TIHC riders decided to ride the Farm to Fork Fondo - Vermont last year.

"I wanted to be an Ambassador because the Farm to Fork Fondos represent all that is right in cycling. We love nothing more than getting out on the roads with our friends, pushing ourselves to the limit, knowing that we're going to stop somewhere for coffee and pastries, or snacks, or cake, or ice cream. That's precisely why people should sign up. The Fondo provides a terrific, supported environment to ride a little farther than you're used to, knowing that along the way you'll get to take in some of the best scenery, most delicious fresh food, and do it by bike where you can take in the great outdoors."

Follow Mike via Team I Hate Cancer on Instagram.

To support Mike, use Ambassador code 'TIHC18' for 10% off at our Farm to Fork Fondo Registration Page.

Allison Daniel

Ontario, Canada

Allison in her own words:

"I am an elite road cyclist, although over the last couple of years I have been cycling more for fun and enjoyment! Besides cycling, I am a PhD student studying nutrition with a focus on malnutrition in children in Malawi where I live half of the year when I’m not in Toronto. I appreciate the importance of supporting local farmers, eating well, and being active, and therefore I share the same philosophy as Farm to Fork Fondo. I also love the sport and lifestyle of cycling because it has allowed me to meet so many incredible people, from beginner riders to those representing Canada. People should sign up for Farm to Fork Fondo because of the opportunity to ride as much or little as they choose through the countryside and to eat delicious fresh food!"

Follow Allison on Instagram.

To support Allison, use Ambassador code 'ADANIEL' for 10% off at our Farm to Fork Fondo Registration Page.

Franz Hinojosa

Greater New York City area

Franz in his own words: "I'm an avid cyclist that’s always looking for new roads to explore and challenges to overcome. When not on my bicycle, I work as a physician in the city that never sleeps encouraging others to choose a healthy lifestyle.

"Endurance sports especially cycling started around 2012 as I saw the cycle portion of a triathlon. Since then i was hooked not only to triathlons but to cycling and all things endurance. With that, i had to change my diet, my whole way of life if i wanted to keep tackling challenges.  Since then i have been taking care of what I eat and incorporate that to my training."

Follow Franz on Instagram.

To support Franz, use Ambassador code 'HINOJOSA' for 10% off at our Farm to Fork Fondo Registration Page.

Caryn Davies

Boston, Massachusetts

Caryn represented Team USA in three Summer Games, earning a silver medal in Athens 2004, and gold medal in Beijing 2008, and another gold in London 2012, all in the women's eight-oared rowing event.  She is Harvard University's most decorated Olympian.  Caryn served on USRowing's board of directors for six years, and she currently serves as a Vice President of the United States Olympians and Paralympians Association.  She is passionate about helping athletes transition to "real life" after retirement from Olympic competition.

As an undergraduate at Harvard University, Caryn studied psychology and Germanic languages.  She went on to earn a JD from Columbia Law School and an MBA from Oxford University's Saïd Business School.  While at Harvard, Caryn and her Radcliffe teammates rowed their way to an NCAA national championship.  Caryn was also part of the first women's crew to row the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race on the Tideway in London, in 2015.  After law school, Caryn clerked for Judge Richard Clifton on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Honolulu.  During that time, she took up outrigger canoe paddling and won a Hawaii state championship.

For her day job, Caryn works as a corporate lawyer at a large Boston firm, assisting clients with private equity investments, mergers and acquisitions, early stage company financings, and institutional debt financings.  She is also knowledgeable in areas of sports law and athletes' rights, and has spoken on sports law panels at Syracuse Law School and New York University School of Law. Caryn also works as a consultant and performance coach at Valor Performance, Inc., a company devoted to helping executives and salespeople ignite and sustain peak performance.

In her own words: "My bicycle represents freedom. It carries me anywhere I want to go, anytime. Parking is irrelevant, as is traffic: I come and go as I please. I ride my bicycle to work daily, and my commute is the best part of my day.  I love the Farm to Fork Fondo because it reminds me that joy resides in the journey. As an Olympic athlete I was constantly focused on the end goal of winning medals, but when I ride in a Farm to Fork Fondo, I am reminded to savor each moment--each stroke of the pedal--each bite of farm-fresh food. In other words, it teaches me to slow down and enjoy the ride!"

Follow Caryn on Twitter.

To support Caryn, use Ambassador code 'CDAVIES' for 10% off at our Farm to Fork Fondo Registration Page.

Marc Kingsley

Cooperstown, New York

Mark in his own words:   "I’m a native upstate New Yorker, United States Air Force veteran, and current owner/innkeeper of the restored historic hotel – The Inn at Cooperstown in Cooperstown, NY. Growing up I worked on several farms and later in life I became an avid cyclist and racer. I started riding as it was something my wife and I could do together, plus I really needed to lose weight (210 lbs. when I started and 150 lbs. now) and get fit. I found the Farm to Fork Fondos to be a perfect way to do something I love with my wife and honor our hard-working farmers. If you’re looking for a fun, well organized bicycle event with several ride distance options, great people, a festive atmosphere, and awesome food from local farmers, register for before they sell out."

To support Marc, use Ambassador code 'KING10' for 10% off at our Farm to Fork Fondo Registration Page.

Daniel DeRail

Quebec, Canada

Daniel in his own words:    "I'm a wise suburban yogi from Montreal South Shore Area wishing to spend more time in Asia. My passions are flipping, reusing, finding a new owner to stuff that others no longer need. I'm very hands on, therefore I fix all kind of mechanic, give massages ans climb trees for pruning. This summer, I'll be around to talk with you about health, fitness and nutrition as we cycle along."

To support Daniel, use Ambassador code 'PRACYCLE' for 10% off at our Farm to Fork Fondo Registration Page.

Gordon Finn

Capital Region, New York

Gordon in his own words:   "I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 13 and I struggled through my early teens to maintain a healthy lifestyle and makes healthy choices. 

"I first got into biking towards the end of high school after borrowing a Trek1000 from a friend- I didn’t return the bike for 2 years! I loved being able to be outside, go fast and I had finally found something fun that helped my health.  

"I have made great strides forward in my own health both physically and mentally since my diagnose.  I owe these successes to training off and on the bike and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle.

"My passion for cycling coupled with my experiences in the food world would only serve me well as an Ambassador for Farm to Fork Fondo.  I’m excited for the opportunity to share my journey this 2018 Season to my audiece across my social media platforms.  Who knows who I’ll meet along way and hopefully inspire, but only by challenging myself this season, on and off the bike, will I realize my fitness goals. I look forward to surrounding myself with like-minded riders, people passionate about local agriculture, and through my stewardship broading the reach of Farm to Fork Fondo."

Follow Gordon on Instagram.

To support Gordon, use Ambassador code 'GFINN' for 10% off at our Farm to Fork Fondo Registration Page.

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