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Gourmet farm to table cycling event series featuring aid stations on local farms. Inspired by the Italian gran fondo bicycle ride.

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Floyd’s of Leadville Supports 2019 Farm to Fork Fondo Series

Tyler Wren

We’re teaming up with Floyd’s of Leadville in 2019 to further our mission of farmland preservation by highlighting one of agriculture’s growing trends: hemp farming and CBD. Floyd’s will be the title sponsor of Farm to Fork Fondo - Pennsylvania Dutch, and an aid station sponsor at every event in the 2019 Farm to Fork Fondo series.

Founded by former professional cyclist Floyd Landis, Floyd’s of Leadville produces an array of legal CBD products designed for pain relief and recovery in athletes, including edible gems, recovery protein powder, softgel capsules, tinctures, balms, and creams.

Floyd’s Farm to Fork Fondo - Pennsylvania Dutch on August 24, 2019 will highlight the opening this summer of a Floyd’s CBD cafe in Lancaster, and Floyd’s support of the Lancaster County agriculture. “Growing up in the Amish farming community of Lancaster County, PA, I understand the importance of the local agriculture, and the farm families’ challenges as wholesale milk and tobacco prices decline,” said Floyd Landis. “I want to educate the local farmers on the benefits of hemp farming as an alternative, and to let them know that we’ll be here to buy their product if they decide to produce CBD oil on their farm.”

You’ll get to sample Floyd’s CBD products at every event in the 2019 series and understand what they mean by their tagline “Relax and Recover.” We’ll be featuring their CBD gems at 1 aid station at every event, raffling off prize packages of balms, tincures, and softgels, and sampling other products at Floyd’s Farm to Fork Fondo - Pennsylvania Dutch.

What’s CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is the most abundant of the more than 100 known naturally occurring cannabinoids found in hemp plants. CBD has been shown to interact with the human body through the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating an array of physiological functions.  CBD is a non-psychoactive, organic compound found in cannabis plants with amazing benefits that can be enjoyed without the side effects and highs that come from the psychoactive substances extracted from cannabis plants such as THC. Mounting evidence shows CBD oil can promote recovery, and aids in relaxation post exercise. There are currently several ongoing studies looking to scientifically demonstrate anti-inflamation and pain mitigation effects of all cannabidiol compounds. Floyd’s of Leadville uses the best strains that take the edge off of post exercise exhaustion. As expected from a Floyd’s of Leadville product, there are no preservatives or additives – just natural CBD concentrate and hemp oil. 

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