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Gourmet farm to table cycling event series featuring aid stations on local farms. Inspired by the Italian gran fondo bicycle ride.

Garden State 2018

October 13-14, 2018 - Whitesbog Historic Village, Browns Mills, NJ


Pedal your way past deep crimson cranberry bogs and uninhabited pine lands as you experience the unique agricultural history that gave this state its fabled nickname -- Garden State



All activities at Whitesbog Historic Village
120 West White Bogs Rd, Browns Mills, NJ 08015

Saturday October 13, 2018

SUnday October 14, 2018

  • 6:30 to 8am Packet pickup, Forto Coffee Station, and Bicycle Tune-Up Station open
  • 8:30am Farm to Fork Fondo (Piccolo, Medio and Gran) departs (pre-registration required)
  • 10:30am Ramble Ride departs
  • 11am to 6pm Farm to Fork Post-Ride Barbecue open (tickets required)
  • 1 to 5pm Live music 
  • 5pm Volunteer Competition Awards Ceremony

Ride Details





Note: space is limited to 600 riders and we expect to sell out


Fondo difficulty level: Easy (flat routes)

Part of our mission is to provide achievable challenges to participants of all ages and abilities. Some of our events have routes that are more difficult than others, so we provide general ratings of Easy, Moderate or Difficult for you to find the events of ours that best suit your goals. 

Note: Our Ramble Rides are always accessible to all levels of riders.

Gran Fondo
75-90 miles

Dozens of New Jersey Pine Barrens farms. Breathtaking views over sprawling cranberry bogs and blueberry farms. Earn your feast. Dine in style.


  • 6-7 Aid Stations at local farms
  • 4-5 timed sections

ROUTE - coming soon

Medio Fondo
45-60 Miles

Get up close and personal with a variety of local New Jersey farms. Enjoy the light breezes and take in the gorgeous fall views of the iconic Pine Barrens. All of the Gran Fondo experience in a tighter package. 


  • 4-5 Aid Stations at local farms
  • 2 timed sections

ROUTE - Coming soon

Piccolo Fondo
25-40 Miles

Bucolic landscapes, working farms and beautiful views of New Jersey's Pine Barrens. Your favorite Sunday drive, now on two wheels. We've packed the picnic.


  • 3-4 Aid Stations at local farms
  • 1 timed section

ROUTE - Coming soon

Ramble Ride
8-12 Miles

See some farms and lovely views by bike. Wave to your friends. Cross the finish line. Relax and dine. Happy tummies ride local. 


  • 1 Aid Station at a local farm

ROUTE - Coming Soon



Includes post-ride barbecue, treats along your ride, and much more! (full list of amenities)

Gran Fondo
Medio Fondo
Piccolo Fondo
Ramble Ride - Adult
Ramble Ride - Child

Early Bird

After Jan 16

After July 30

After Sept 30

*Plus $11 minimum donation to the Volunteer Competition and Whitesbog Preservation Trust 


Includes Standard Registration, Meet the Farmers Dinner ticket, Official 2018 Farm to Fork Fondo kit, and more! (full list of amenities)

Gran Fondo
Medio Fondo
Piccolo Fondo

Early Bird

After Jan 16

After July 30

After Sept 30

*Plus $12 minimum donation to the Volunteer Competition and Whitesbog Preservation Trust


You don't have to ride a bike to have a great time!

Meet the Farmers Dinner
Post-Ride Farm to Fork Barbecue - Adult
Post-Ride Farm to Fork Barbecue - Child

Early Bird

After July 9

Featured Farms


Photo credit Bob Breese

About one quarter of the State of New Jersey is a largely uninhabited preserve called the Pinelands. The Pinelands are a result of geological transformations occurring over millenia, with humans beginning to shape the landscape 10,000 years ago.

European settlement brought towns and industries to the Pines, and began to change the landscape in ways previously unseen. The ghostly remains of industrial villages like Martha, where an iron furnace operated in the early 1800s, and Harrisville, where a paper mill flourished in the late 1800s, can still be seen. Company towns like Double Trouble Village, a cranberry farm and packing plant, and our venue Whitesbog Village, where Elizabeth White domesticated the blueberry, are today well-preserved examples of a bygone way of life in the Pines.

Today, large-scale cranberry and blueberry farming continue to provide an economic foundation for the region, making New Jersey the second-largest producer of blueberries in the country.

Whitesbog Historic Village

Browns Mills
Start/finish venue

Our venue Whitesbog Historic Village is a preserved early 20th-century company town and agricultural community. In the early 1900s, Whitesbog was the largest cranberry farm in New Jersey, and its founder, Joseph J. White, was a nationally recognized leader in the cranberry industry. Aside from its immense success with cranberries, Whitesbog is also where the highbush blueberry was first successfully cultivated.

Today, Whitesbog is part of Brendan T. Byrne State Forest and is listed on both the National and State Registers of Historic Sites. Whitesbog includes the village and the surrounding 3,000 acres of cranberry bogs, blueberry fields, reservoirs, sugar sand roads, and Pine Barrens forests.

more Featured Farms Coming Soon....


Farm to Fork



Menu to be announced soon...
*Vegetarian options available


Adults: $29.99
Children under 12: $14.99
*Included in all ride registrations

BBQ photo.jpg

Meet the Farmers Dinner



Menu coming soon...
*Vegetarian options available


*Included in First Class Registration

Aid Station 'Small Bites'

Full Aid Station Menus coming Soon

*Note all aid stations are also stocked with ride fuel from Gu & Clif Bar

Travel Information

Travel Information


All activities at Whitesbog Historic Village - 120 West Whites Bogs Rd,
Browns Mills, NJ 08015

Free on-site parking


Official EVent Hotel 

Coming soon...

Suggested Area Activities

Presented by Visit South Jersey

  • Cranberry Harvest Tour at Pine Barrens Native Fruits - See the cranberry harvest and learn about growing cranberries from a 5th generation grower
  • Wine and Ale Trail of South Jersey
  • Burlington County Farmers' Market, Saturday, October 13 from 8:30am to 1pm, 500 Centerton Rd, Moorsetown, NJ
  • Cranberry Connection Road Shows - tour the bogs of the Pine Barrens by car with a lifelong cranberry farmer 

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