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Gourmet farm to table cycling event series featuring aid stations on local farms. Inspired by the Italian gran fondo bicycle ride.

Floyd's Pennsylvania Dutch 2019

presented by Floyd’s of Leadville

August 23-24, 2019 Cherry Crest Farm, Ronks, PA


Enjoy a simplicity that can only be found in Amish country where farming and gathering is an elemental tradition experienced perfectly from the seat of a bicycle



All activities at Cherry Crest Farm- 150 Cherry Hill Rd, Ronks, PA 17572

Friday August 23, 2019

  • 4:30 to 6:30pm Packet Pickup at Cherry Crest Farm

  • 6:30pm Meet the Farmers Dinner (tickets required)

Saturday August 24, 2019

  • 7 to 8am Packet Pickup and Tune-Up Station open

  • 8:30am Farm to Fork Fondo (Piccolo, Medio and Gran) departs (pre-registration required)

  • 10:30am Ramble Ride departs

  • 11:30am to 6pm Post-Ride Farm to Fork Barbecue (tickets required) and Festival Market (open to the public)

  • 1 to 5pm Live music

  • 5pm Volunteer Competition Awards Ceremony

Title Sponsor

Floyd’s of Leadville is the lead sponsor of Floyd’s Farm to Fork Fondo - Pennsylvania Dutch. Founded by former Tour de France champion and former Lancaster County resident Floyd Landis, Floyd’s produces an array of legal CBD products designed for pain relief and recovery in athletes, including edible gems, recovery protein powder, softgel capsules, tinctures, balms, and creams. Learn more about CBD and Floyd’s at

Latest Updates

Ride Details

GRAN - 82mi

MEDIO - 45mi

PICCOLO - 33mi


Note: All routes are subject to change up to 24 hours before the event


Fondo difficulty level: Moderate
Rolling hills with some sustained climbing over moderate grades 

Part of our mission is to provide achievable challenges to participants of all ages and abilities. Some of our events have routes that are more difficult than others, so we provide general ratings of Easy, Moderate, or Difficult for you to find the events of ours that best suit your goals. 

Note: Our Ramble Rides are always accessible to all levels of riders.

STages segment Challenge

Compete for the coveted Polka Chicken jersey and see how you stack up in our optional age-graded timed segment competition. View the segments and RSVP for the Stages Segment Challenge on the Ride With GPS Event Page.

More information on our Segment Challenge Page.


More than 5,000 feet of climbing. Passage through the heart of Pennsylvania Amish country. Breathtaking views and challenging ascents. Earn your feast. Dine in style.


  • 7 Farm Stop Aid Stations

  • 4 timed segments




Get up close and personal with Pennsylvania Dutch agriculture and visit authentic Amish farms. Challenge yourself on some climbs and take in the views. All of the Gran Fondo experience in a tighter package. 


  • 4 Farm Stop Aid Stations

  • 2 timed segments




Rolling hills, working farms and bucolic vistas of the distinctive Pennsylvania Dutch farmland. Your favorite Sunday drive, now on two wheels. We've packed the picnic.


  • 3 Farm Stop Aid Stations

  • 1 timed segment




See some farms and lovely views by bike. Wave to your friends. Cross the finish line. Relax and dine. Happy tummies ride local. 


  • 1 Farm Stop Aid Station



*Exact route details are subject to change. Check back here 24 hours before the event for all final cue sheet and GPX files



Includes post-ride barbecue, treats along your ride, and much more! (full list of amenities)

Gran Fondo
Medio Fondo
Piccolo Fondo
Ramble Ride - Adult
Ramble Ride - Child

Launch Special
Until January 18

Early Bird
Until July 28

Until August 18

Event Week**
Until August 22

*Plus $10 minimum donation to the Volunteer Competition and processing fee
**$20 additional charge when registering on Friday and Saturday of event weekend


Includes Standard Registration, Meet the Farmers Dinner ticket, Official 2019 Farm to Fork Fondo kit, and more! (full list of amenities)

Gran Fondo
Medio Fondo
Piccolo Fondo

Early Bird
Until August 18

Event Week**
Until August 22


*Plus $10 minimum donation to the Volunteer Competition and processing fee
**$20 additional charge when registering on Friday and Saturday of event weekend


You don't have to ride a bike to have a great time! 

Meet the Farmers Dinner
Post-Ride Farm to Fork Barbecue - Adult
Post-Ride Farm to Fork Barbecue - Child

Early Bird
Until August 18

Event Week
Until August 22



The farmlands of Pennsylvania Dutch Country boast some of the richest and most productive agricultural soils in the world. Lancaster County's farmland and the industry it supports provide more than 50,000 jobs and contribute more than $4 billion to the local economy each year. Dairy farming is the leading agricultural business, but the area is an excellent example of a well diversified farm economy that is not dependent on any one area for its success. Poultry, beef, crop, and vegetable production all contribute to the area's economic strength. 

Lancaster farms are struggling with increasing development pressures and the county is losing about 1,000 acres of farmland per year. Lancaster County's nearly 6,000 farms provide fresh, local food for residents and people across the United States. They also protect watersheds, recharge groundwater, improve air quality, and provide food and cover for wildlife. 

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm


The Cherry Crest property dates back to the early 1700s, when it was owned by the Ferree family, who came to the Pequea Valley from France to escape religious persecution. Though her husband Daniel died before coming to the New World, Marie Ferree settled here with her seven children. The farm and surrounding land was passed down through several Ferree generations before being sold to numerous different families over the years.

Today, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is family-owned and operated by Jack and Donna Coleman, who moved to Pennsylvania Dutch Country from New Jersey with their children in 1987. Though they began as dairy farmers, they currently have beef cows, raise broilers for Tyson, and crop farm over 300 acres. They ventured into the agri-tainment business in 1996 with their first ‘A-maze-ing Maize Maze,’ Locomotive Labyrinth.

Over the years, Cherry Crest has grown from being the “farm with a corn maze” to a 15-acre adventure farm, with more than 50 fun farm activities including the Hay Chute Slide and Straw Bale Racer, Jump Pillow, Farm Tour Wagon Ride, Petting Zoo and Farm Experience Center, Corny’s Ball-cade, and the Corn Maze.

Learn more at

Conebella Farm



Conebella Farm’s artisan raw milk cheese is the result of generations of dedicated family dairy farming on the same 198-acre farm that has been in the Gable family since 1923. For over 90 years, Conebella Farm has nourished Southeastern Pennsylvania families with top-quality milk and cheese.

In the summer of 2007, Conebella became a state-certified raw milk producer. Their cheese business flourished as they added varieties of Cheddar and Colby cheeses and preservative-free cheese spreads. At the farm store, the Gables currently sell 14 varieties of raw milk cheese, seven different creamy cheese spreads, raw milk, locally made yogurt and free-range eggs.

Conebella Farm has now been home to five generations of Gables.  Don and Pam’s three sons, Josh, Tyler, and Kevin, are very involved in all aspects of the farm, from milking the cows twice a day to cultivating the forages. They especially enjoy the fieldwork, which involves growing alfalfa hay, grass hay, corn, and rye.

The farm was recently featured in Farming-The Journal of Northeast Agriculture!

Learn more at



download (6).jpeg

Riehl's Family Farm is an authentic Amish dairy farm with a mission of educating the "English" on the Amish way of life.

The farm includes Riehl's Quilts and Crafts, a unique storefront that sells handmade Amish quilts, candles, bird houses, dolls, brooms, and more.  The products are handmade by over 100 local Amish family craft businesses.  


New Holland

Lapp Valley Farms is a typical Lancaster Amish dairy farm. The Lapp family raises 70 jersey cows who they say give the richest milk for ice cream. The homestead also includes a shop that features ice cream made on the farm with milk from their own cows.  

Guests at the farm can view the jersey cows being milked and and pet the bottle-fed calves. The Lapp family uses no hormones or other unnatural products to increase milk production. The shop offers 16 flavors of pure, delicious, homemade ice cream, as well as farm fresh milk. 

Wanner's Pride-N-Joy Farm


Alfred and Carolynne Wanner, together with their two sons, John and Matt, own and operate Wanner's Pride-N-Joy Farm. The modern dairy farm is a member of the Land O'Lakes cooperative and has been in the Wanner family for eight generations. The operation was recently recognized as a Century Farm.

Much has changed in the farming industry since Alfred began farming with his father in a 16-cow tie-stall barn carrying pails of milk. The farm has grown to accommodate its growing family and currently milks close to 650 Holstein cows. The Wanner family's goal is to operate a successful farm business while being responsible stewards for the long-range health of their cattle and land. With the construction of a methane digester in 2007, they are one step closer to that goal. By using waste as an alternative energy source, the operation reduces odors, the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, and the volume of manure going back to the fields.

To book a stay at their farm guesthouse or to learn more, visit

Linden Dale FARM



The 93-acre Linden Dale Farm was originally established in 1797 by Isacc and Marie Feree and is currently transitioning into the seventh generation of continuous operation by the Mellinger family bought by John Mellinger in 1816.

Ten years ago, Andrew and Mary Mellinger and their children initiated the transition from cows to goats as well as adding a milk processing facility. The farm continues to provide all the feed and pasture for the goat herd as well as the location for all the cheese making. Only the milk from the Mellinger goat herd is used, making it a true farmstead dairy. In 2009, the Mellingers established a stand at Central Market in Lancaster which is now the primary outlet for all the dairy products.

For more information visit the Linden Dale Farm Facebook Page.


Note: All menus subject to change

Farm to Fork

By Victory Brewing Catering


Barbecue buffet

  • Smoked chicken thigh sandwich; apple jalapeno slaw (sandwich can be made available GF by removing bun; lettuce available for lettuce wrap option)

  • Roasted cauliflower tacos (vegetarian option); roasted peppers & garlic, shredded lettuce, lime crema

  • Kale Salad; kale, sliced apple, crumbled blue

  • Pennsylvania Dutch Potato Salad

  • Melon Salad; watermelon, cantaloupe, red onion, cucumber, mixed greens, white balsamic

  • Maple bacon blondies & fudge brownies

  • Fruit infused water

Finisher Brew

Provided by Victory Brewing
*One pint included with your registration cost for all finishers over 21


Adults: $29.99
Children 12 & under: $14.99
*Included in all ride registrations

Meet the Farmers Dinner

By Global Flavors Catering

Sponsored by Elite Performance Team

2019 Menu

Wine pairings


  • Seasoned chickpea fritters served with Tahini sauce and pickled local vegetables (vegan and gluten-free)

Buffet Dinner

  • Fattoush: fresh salad of mixed local greens and crisp vegetables tossed with zesty lemon vinagrette and topped with toasted pita chips (vegan, pita chips contain gluten)

  • Herb roasted chicken: bone-in chicken from Shenk’s Poultry marinated and slow-roasted with fresh herbs and aromatic spices. Served with Lancaster potatoes and bell peppers, and lemon wedges (gluten-free)

  • Moussaka (vegetarian option): layered vegetable casserole of local eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, and chick peas baked with fresh herbs and aromatic spices (vegan and gluten-free)

  • Rice pilaf: Basmati rice and vermicelli seasoned with aromatic spices (vegan, contains gluten)

All produce from local farms including Barr’s Farm, Brogue Hydroponics, and Groff’s Vegetables


*Included in First Class Registration




Note: all aid stations are also stocked with ride fuel from GU & Clif Bar


Elite Performance Team

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz and his team at New Jersey Chiropractic & Sports Recovery understand and promote the importance of high-quality locally sourced food.

Learn more at



In 2018, Wrenegade Foundation donated more than $50,000 to local organizations in our host communities via our Farm to Fork Fondo Volunteer Competitions. This year we'll be giving away even more, and your votes help decide which groups get the biggest donations.

At each Farm to Fork Fondo event, volunteers represent local farm or charitable organizations. From the registration tent to the last aid station, you will be greeted and cheered on by volunteers who are competing to bring the most spirit to the day. Ask the volunteers questions to get to know their projects and missions. At the end of your ride, vote for your favorite team. Your vote helps determine the size of the cash donations we give.

The Volunteer Competition is supported by tax-deductible participant donations to Wrenegade Foundation, sponsors, and 100% of all raffle ticket sales.

Note: Check back soon for additional benefiting organizations!

Lancaster County Agriculture Council

The mission of Lancaster County Agriculture Council is to strategically cultivate, coordinate, and celebrate Lancaster County agriculture and its global impact. Your vote for this organization will support he Lancaster County Agriculture Week, an event that showcases and supports local farmers and sustainable agriculture.

For more information visit

field of hope

Lancaster County Field of Hope is a nonprofit organization and host of the Field of Hope Benefit Dinner to help local individuals and families in need. Their goal is to help ease the financial burden of unexpected medical expenses or long-term care for families in the local community. Your vote for this organization will help Lancaster County Field of Hope support six families in 2019 ease the burden of medical expenses.

For more information visit

The Common Wheel

The Common Wheel’s mission is to transform their community through the power of bikes! This nonprofit community bike center is a place for people of all ages to learn about riding and maintaining bicycles. In addition to being a fully-functioning repair shop, they offer several programs for children and adults to have hands-on experience with a bike, gaining new skills in a welcoming and encouraging environment. Your vote for this organization will support their new program Youth Bike Workshops, which teaches middle and high school kids to repair their own bikes.

For more information visit

A Week Away

A Week Away is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to finance and coordinate respite weeks for individuals and their loved ones who are dealing with a life-threatening illness, enabling them to find the peace and energy needed to continue fighting their disease. Your vote for A Week Away will help them move families from the wait list to their much needed respite vacations.

For more information visit

Cafe Israel

The members of Morgantown Community Church have formed a volunteer team to support Carol Geiger and Café Israel. Carol is working towards creating a cafe in Israel that will empower women. The cafe aims to be a unique place speaking true identity into women, breaking the lies spoken over them while enjoying high quality coffee and pastries. The cafe will also be equipped with an area that allows women to sell crafts and other home goods. This is a way to provide additional income for women instead of having to obtain income in unhealthy and abusive ways.

4-H Milk Duds

The 4-H Milk Duds Club is a Lancaster County-wide club focusing on raising dairy animals and learning about the dairy industry. The vision of the leaders is to build leadership and life skills of youth that are involved in the dairy industry. All members are expected to complete a project book each year in order to be eligible to participate in 4-H shows. Teen members are also encouraged to hold officer positions and help provide leadership to the club and fellow members.

Travel Info

Travel Information


All activities at Cherry Crest Farm: 150 Cherry Hill Road, Ronks, PA 17572  
Free on-site parking


Official lodging partnerS

Tru Hotel by Hilton
Immerse yourself in Pennsylvania Dutch culture in family-friendly Amish country. Less than 15 minutes from our event venue, Tru Hotel by Hilton rooms offer a comfortable spot to rest up before and after a day on your bike enjoying Lancaster county farmland. The Farm to Fork Fondo participant rate of $139/night is available Friday and Saturday of event week. To reserve, please call the hotel for a reservation at 717-399-3100 and mention that you’re a Farm to Fork Fondo participant. You may also reserve online here. Reservations must be made before July 24, 2019 to assure this great rate.

Wanner's Pride-n-Joy Farm & Guesthouse

Stay on the farm at one of our featured farms. The Wanner family has converted an historic 1700's farmhouse into a charming rental property in Narvon, PA. You can relax on one of the two porches with breathtaking views of Pennsylvania Dutch Country farmland, and you can watch the neighboring Amish horse-plow their fields. Additional activities on the farm include picnics, catch-and-relase fishing at the pond, watching the cows be milked, petting the calves or goats, and hiking the farm trails. 

More information online here: Wanners Pride N Joy Farm

Bicycle rentals 

Our local partner Intercourse Bike Works offers a broad range of bicycle rentals, and your rental includes delivery to the Farm to Fork Fondo if you mention the event when you book. Reserve your bike on the Intercourse Bike Works website.


Presented by Discover Lancaster


Local Partners

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