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Gourmet farm to table cycling event series featuring aid stations on local farms. Inspired by the Italian gran fondo bicycle ride.

Rules & F.A.Q.

Be safe so there's room for the fun


farm to fork fondo Rules

  1. Wear a Helmet - Helmets are required for all participants in all our Fondo, Ramble and Kids’ Rides. The helmet must be worn with the chin strap fastened at all times while riding.  
  2. Ride a Fondo-Approved Bicycle - We welcome any type of bike as defined by the local laws. However, for everyone’s safety, we may ask any unusual bikes to start in the back. Triathlon and time trial bikes are welcome, but we require you to ride on the brake hoods (not in the aerobars) whenever riding in a group.  
  3. Obey Traffic Laws - We’re proud to say that our rural routes have hardly any traffic lights. But the roads will be open to cars, so abiding by the rules of the road is a must. We’ll have marshals or police posted at any tricky intersections.
  4. Use Electronic Devices Safely - Please leave your headphones at home so that everyone stays alert. Also, use of electronic devices like cell phones is only permitted off the road and off the bike. We don't want any distracted cyclists! 
  5. No Littering or Watering - Please do your part to keep our host communities in great shape. No littering or public urination. Aid stations will have trash cans and bathrooms, so please hold it till then!
  6. Look Out For Each Other - When riding in a group, please adhere to general cycling courtesies like calling out pot holes or debris and riding in an organized fashion on the side of the road. 
  7. Say Thank You - Lots of generous folks in our host communities are volunteering their time to make our events great, so please show them your appreciation. Like our routes, our volunteers will be clearly marked. You'll recognize them in the race shirts with "VOLUNTEER" across the back.
  8. Have Fun! - It’s going to be a spectacular day on the bike, so make sure you enjoy it!


  • Medical Assistance - Medical supplies will be on hand at the start/finish and each aid station will be stocked with first aid supplies. In the event of an emergency out on the road, please call 911, call Wrenegade Sports at 518-662-0211, and notify the nearest course marshal. 
  • Mechanical Assistance - Mechanics will be on hand at the start/finish to help get you rolling in the morning. Aid stations will be stocked with spare tubes and some tools. We also suggest carrying a few tubes and a pump or CO2 cartridges just so you don’t get stuck out there.

  • SAG Vehicles - We’ll have some help for you out on course. If you can’t keep going because of a crash, mechanical trouble, or because you bit off more than you can chew, our SAG (support and gear) crew can pick you and your bike up and take you to the next aid station or back to the party at the start/finish. 


  • Entries are Non-Refundable - Wrenegade Sports is still small and growing, so cancellations affect us greatly. Sorry, but no deferrals to next year's events either. 
  • Entries are Transferable - If your plans change and you can't make it this year, feel free to convince your pal to take your place. Just please don't re-sell your entry. Transfer fee applies. Access your entry from your registration confirmation e-mail or contact us for help.
  • Things Outside of our Control - In the very unlikely event that one of our venues gets hit by a hurricane, or some other natural or man-made disaster that is outside of our control, we may have to cancel rides and entire events. In that improbable scenario, we can't refund any entry fees, but we'll do our best to give out all your t-shirts, gifts, and prizes.

Frequently Asked questions

When is the Farm to Fork Fondo?
We're glad you asked. Check out the Events tab or our Schedule Page to see this season's line-up.

Who do I contact for more information?
You can reach us at

Is this a race?
No, the Farm to Fork Fondo events are rides not races. We want you to enjoy the farm stop aid stations and the pastoral landscapes. But we will have a few timed sections in the Fondo rides if you want to stretch your legs and get competitive. 

What kind of bike should I bring?
A road bike is the best bet for all the courses, but most any type of bike will do. Most routes are fully paved but some of our routes have some gravel sections. Check the 'Ride Details' tabs in each event page for details. Mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, triathlon bikes, commuter bikes, and maybe even a unicycle could all get the job done.

I'm coming from out of the area. Can I rent a bike or ship mine somewhere?
We have bicycle rental partners at most of our events - check the Travel Information tabs on each event page for our recommendations. Make sure you mention that you are a registered Farm to Fork Fondo participant.

I’m the only cyclist in my family, is there anything else to do?
Yes! We have a little something for everyone with the festivities at all our events. Take a look at the schedule of events on the Overview tabs on each event page for more information on what we have cooking for riders and non-riders alike.

What happens if it rains?
We’ll have a fantastic day, rain or shine. Unless the weather gets apocalyptic, we’ll send riders off on our four ride options. If you’re a fair weather rider, you can still enjoy all the weekend activities at our venues, so mark your calendars and come join us!

Do I need a USA Cycling or UCI license to participate?
Nope, no cycling license needed!

What kind of snacks can we expect at the aid stations?
Each aid station will have a unique 'small bite' featuring local ingredients. They'll also all be stocked with water, energy drinks, gels and chews from GU Energy Labs, fresh fruit and savory snacks including Clif bars. If you need a spare tube, first aid, or an allen wrench, we'll have you covered there too.


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