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Gourmet farm to table cycling event series featuring aid stations on local farms. Inspired by the Italian gran fondo bicycle ride.

Introducing Julie & Kristen

Starting Out Cycling with Julie & Kristen

Laugh and learn with Julie and Kristen as they journey from "I haven't ridden a bike since I was a kid" to reaching the goal of participating in a Farm to Fork Fondo event. 

Introducing Julie & Kristen

Tyler Wren

Meet Julie


Hi!  I’m Julie.  Although I have friends who run the gamut from professional cyclist to avid non-professional cyclist, I myself haven’t ridden a bike since I was about 15 years old - the age at which my peers decided that riding a bike was an admission that you weren’t cool enough to drive.  Now that I am beyond the phase of caring what the other kids think, I have been thinking that it might be nice to be able to ride a bike again. 

The act of actually obtaining a bicycle and getting back in the saddle, however, seemed like a hurdle that I wasn’t sure I was ready to face. It was my intention to attend the 2016 Farm to Fork Fondo in Lancaster as a spectator in order to get a feel for the event… and perhaps try some delicious delicacies at the same time! I grew up with an older brother who started competing in triathlons when he was 14. As a result, I am quite familiar with the unique nature of being a spectator at events where nothing much happens for long stretches of time.  Unfortunately, fate intervened in the form of the “check engine” light on my car’s dashboard and I was forced to stay in Philadelphia that weekend.  Boo. 

Now, with a bit of encouragement, I am working toward my first Farm to Fork Fondo!  Enter, my friend Kristen…

Meet Kristen

Hi! I’m Kristen. I have been riding a bicycle around Philadelphia for over a decade as my primary mode of transportation. I would rather ride my bike in the rain than be stuck standing on a street corner waiting for the bus any day. I started getting into biking as something other than just a way to get around town a few years ago and had a blast at the 2016 Farm to Fork Fondo in Lancaster. I have been talking it up to Julie, who thought maybe, just maybe, she might want to try getting on a bike and riding, and having a delicious event like this might be an attainable goal to work towards. She has no idea what fun -- and sweat, and flat tires, and greasy chain ring calf tattoos, etc. -- she’s in for, and I am so excited to join her on this adventure.

What's Next

So here is our plan:

Step 1: Get Julie a bike.

Step 2: Get Julie riding that bike, with a helmet, of course.

Step 3: Get Julie ready to ride 28 miles in the 2017 Farm to Fork Fondo! (what?! 28 miles?!!!!! Are you joking?) (Julie, seriously – you got this!)

Step 4: Julie and Kristen ride their bikes through Lancaster’s beautiful rolling hills and love every minute of it. (Julie, stop laughing. You’ll love it. I promise.) (I don’t know…rolling hills…that sounds hard.) (Stop worrying. We will work up to them a little bit at a time.)

Stay tuned!  We will keep you updated on Julie’s progress as she works towards this delicious goal!

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