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Gourmet farm to table cycling event series featuring aid stations on local farms. Inspired by the Italian gran fondo bicycle ride.

What's a Farm to Fork Fondo?

An organized bicycle ride where you get to choose the distance best for you and stop for chef-prepared bites at farms along the way


What’s a Farm to Fork Fondo?




  • Celebratory mass start led by professional cyclists
  • Deluxe aid stations at working farms with small bites from the farm
  • Ticket to the post-ride Farm to Fork Barbecue
  • 1 free post-ride finisher brew (21 & over)
  • Raffle tickets for more than $10,000 in prizes including new Bianchi bikes
  • Beautiful, well-marked, and well-supported rides with police support, marshals and signage
  • Professional course support with SAG (rescue) vehicles to help you back to the start if the day doesn't go according to plan
  • Customized Farm to Fork Fondo souvenir number plate
  • Commemorative finisher's prize
  • Farm to Fork Fondo welcome bag featuring cycling swag, and local goodies
  • Ride with GPS timed segments with age and gender-graded rankings
  • Free on-site parking
  • Special lodging rates at area hotels
  • Some pretty fantastic memories and more

You should know that all the rides are well insured and that public safety and medical support will be available. Be sure to review all of our Rules & Policies


The mission of the Farm to Fork Fondo series is to highlight and support the symbiotic relationship between cyclists, farmers and beautiful landscapes. Here at Wrenegade Sports we aim to promote physical activity in a fun and supportive environment, create achievable challenges for people of all ages and abilities, to leave our host communities better than we found them, and to use our events to do social good. Wrenegade Sports and the Farm to Fork Fondo series are not non-profits. To meet our mission of supporting farmland preservation, we work hard to collect donations from sponsoring companies and participants to donate to local organizations.


Immerse yourself in iconic farmlands and meet the farm families working hard to produce healthy fresh foods you'll enjoy. Learn about the struggles these farms face and be a part of supporting the beautiful landscapes. 


Get ready for a weekend filled with culinary delights made from ingredients sourced from the beautiful farms along your route. We select local farm-to-table specialist chefs to whip up gourmet treats and feasts worthy of kings and hoards of hungry foodie cyclists. 


Join hundreds of lucky cyclists for a mass-start, fully-supported gran fondo led by friendly professional cyclists. Work up your appetite over challenging courses through beautiful farmland with timed segments, magnificent views, and farm stop aid stations featuring locally-sourced treats. 

Wrenegade Sports gran fondos are rides, not races, and have distance options for all abilities.

Volunteer Competition

In 2017, Wrenegade Sports donated more than $25,000 to local organizations in our host communities via our Farm to Fork Fondo Volunteer Competitions. This year we'll be giving away even more, and your votes decide which groups get the donations.

At each Farm to Fork Fondo event, all the volunteers will be assigned to teams that each represent a different area farm or charitable organization. Teams will compete by making sure each and every cyclist has an awesome day by being creative, enthusiastic and memorable with their interactions with the participants. At the end of your ride, you will vote for your favorite team and determine the size of the cash donations we give.

The Volunteer Competition is supported by sponsors, participant donations and 100% of all raffle ticket sale proceeds.  

Message from our Founder

Tyler Wren here, founder of Wrenegade Sports. When I retired from my 13 years of professional cycling I wanted to do something meaningful, something that would allow me to share some of the best parts of this amazing sport with the world in way that could have a positive social impact, while still being just plain fun. I've ridden my bike thousands and thousands of miles over the world and I've learned to cherish the days when I find myself rolling along on beautiful, quiet country roads. Sadly, as many who love these charming places, I've realized that peaceful rural landscapes and lonely country roads are endangered species.

As cyclists, it is natural for us to support land owners who are able to preserve the open space that we enjoy so much on our bicycles and who use that land to grow food that can make us better athletes and healthier people. The Farm to Fork Fondo series is designed to bring awareness to, support and celebrate this symbiotic relationship between cyclists, farms and beautiful landscapes. I want people to get on their bikes, and to experience beautiful iconic farmland, meet the hardworking farmers who are fighting the good fight, learn about the pressures that these farms face, and have a great time in the process.

All of the funds we raise for our Farm to Fork Fondo Volunteer Competition will be donated to local farms and farm organizations. That means at the end of each Farm to Fork Fondo, Wrenegade Sports will be cutting checks to help local farmers with projects like building a new farm stand or creating a new website, and to help local organizations advance their causes like preserving the county's beautiful pastoral open space. 

At Wrenegade Sports, we strive to whip up the perfect combinations of health, social good, community and fun into unique and awesome events. Find out more at the Wrenegade Sports website.

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